Later, Buddies

That's it, folks! As of this post, Super Robot Wars: Unlimited Generation is officially closed.

Some final words from the mod team:

Guys, you know it's been a hell of a pleasure playing with and modding for every single one of you. This is the best RP of any kind I've ever been in, let alone helped (in a small way) to run, and it's because everyone in it is such a terrific bro. Best of luck to any of you that I suck at keeping in contact with, and seriously, being a mod here was an honor and a privilege.

And of course, lest I forget,




Man, this has been a pretty awesome couple of years for me. My first Live Journal RP as well as my first time being a mod and I have to say, I had a blast!

I just want to muse about how great this game was. The missions, the plots, the characters, the intra-canon interaction and especially the OCs. It all just worked so well. It also got me playing Super Robot Wars, which is a plus since the games are pretty awesome.

Anyway, thanks for a great time, a great group of people and a lot of new friends. I hope to keep in touch with you guys and I especially hope to see you all at Super Robot Wars Unlimited Generation Alpha when it opens this summer! Heres to making UG@ the best that it can be!

Thanks again!

P.S. Anyone who wants to app from Wayward Signet just ask!

P.P.S. Iming me about UG@ is A-OK as well.

When I became a mod for UG, it was about the same time that I transfered to San Francisco State University. I even remember prepping my first mission (Mission 009: Return of the Saint) in the bar at my school.

Coincidentally, Fall 2010 was my last semester, and the almost two months after that have been the last days of UG...

... I didn't live on campus (I commuted), and all club activities at my school were in the evening, so I didn't join any clubs ... what I'm trying to say is that, in a lot of ways, this RP has been my college club.

And what an RP it's been. I can't say it's been perfect (what game ever has or could be?), but I can say that this has been my favorite LJ RP, and I'm glad to have been a major player in making it one of the best RPs ever. And you should all be too, because a game is made not just by its mods, but by its players.

I hope to see you all and more in UG@, and that we make that game even greater. Stay in touch, 'cause I <3 you guys.

P.S. We should totally have a meme or something to talk about our OCs and the canons we want to app so we can form super awesome casts for UG@.

P.P.S. You all can totally have permission to app from Hildebrandsleid, all you have to do is ask.

P.P.P.S. I am in only a few games right now and am in the market for joining or another LJ RP, but I don't have much in the way of plans just yet, so this is your chance to try to enable or something.

I should go into this saying that until maybe a few months before we started UG, we didn’t know what Super Robot Wars was and the format was intended for use in a Kingdom Hearts-style game. With that in mind, I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered.

I don’t think any of us expected something quite like this when we started the game back in 2008. Here we are about two and a half years later, and it’s already ended. While it feels a little bittersweet, I definitely think it was time to close the curtains, and we did so in the best way we could. Since the game started, it was planned to end, and as far as the lifespans of average Livejournal games are concerned, we had a damn good run and I couldn’t have picked a better group to do it with.

I would say the most gratifying part of running this game has been the player response. You guys were awesome, and I’ve been told several times by various people, both privately and in OOC chat, that this was the best game they’d ever been in. Considering this was our first game when we were fairly fresh on the LJ scene, that’s a great thing to hear.

In some ways, I’ve really been looking forward to being done. I definitely feel a bit burned out and the whole scheduling and running of missions can be quite stressful and even time-consuming at times. Nevertheless, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here running this game and providing you all with what I hope were an enjoyable experience. The measure of a good game, I would say, is the players behind it. You guys are awesome, and it is because of you that I feel I can agree and say we had one of the best games on Livejournal.

We finally did it. Two years and seven months after starting, Super Robot Wars: Unlimited Generation finally comes to a close tonight.

It's not easy to describe what this ride has been like for me. This was the second LJ RP I was ever involved in, and the first that I ever moderated. In the early days, we didn’t really have a clue what we were doing. No OOC chat? Tracked money system? One mission every two weeks? Somehow, we overcame all these ideas and made a great RP, filled with great players, having great times. There were some times when the game seemed to drag on forever, and times when it seemed like there was no end in sight, but we perservered, and were rewarded with one of the best conclusions in the history of LJRP.

To all of the players: Thank you. Thank you for joining. Thank you for participating. Thank you for throwing out ideas that we ended up incorporating into the game. Thank you for asking me about ridiculous post-canon upgrade ideas. Thank you for putting up with my official role as The Crotchety Mod.

To the other mods: Thank you. Thank you for helping keep the game from falling apart. Thank you for running missions. Thank you for taking apps. Thank you for having an interest in the Silentium plotline enough to build your own Imperati for it. Thank you for making this ending possible

Thank you for being a part of this wonderfully epic game, one and all. To those of you who don’t share other RPs with me and aren’t joining SRWUG@: Goodbye.

The dawn of a new era

Since its creation three years ago, the Earth Defense Force, and later the Galaxy Defense Force, saved humanity from calamity, war and extinction many times. Many of these averted disasters were caused by humans, erupting into armed conflict motivated by greed, ambition, or clashes of of creed and ideology... but others were caused by aliens and other invaders from other worlds and universes - and many of these were in turn manipulated by Silentium in order to bring war to the multiverse, making threats to their reign easy to detect by observing the chaos.

On July 19th, NCE 104, Silentium made first contact with the human race, and judged them to be no threat. What they failed to take into account, though, was humanity’s great power to evolve, improve, build their own future, and - most important of all - their undying determination in the face of adversity. In the final moments of the Silentium War, the human race and their allies overcame impossible odds to establish their right to exist in the multiverse.

It is now the 106th year of the New Common Era.

The end of this conflict does not mark the end of all conflict. There are still humans who would wage war against those who do not see the world as they do. As was seen in Silentium’s thrall fleets, there are still countless other civilizations waiting in the darkness of space, some of whom will inevitably bring war to the Earth Sphere once more... but for now, humanity is at peace. We will enjoy our hard-earned new era for as long as it can last.

And when the next threat rises to endanger humanity, we will be ready.




The story of Super Robot Wars: Unlimited Generation is coming to an end, but the lives of the various characters are not! The world turns on, and we all go our separate ways.

Included below is a non-comprehensive list of the ultimate fates of the various NPCs of SRWUG. More importantly: Reply to this post in the comments to detail what happens to your characters after the RP, starting from now and going on for as long as you want to go.

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Status: Doggie


It's probably don't need to say this since we're at the end (hooray!), but just in case since there's still some activity. Viruses has rendered my main computer unusable and it needs to go in the shop. I'm on a laptop but it's often occupied by others.

So I'll see you guys in the Next Installment (which is also a problem cause I only have one char I'm bringing and lack of ideas for more).

Of Supa Robo taisen---UNLIMITED!

- Doggie (Date, Shishoh, Adill, Saotome, Waltham)

The Funeral

However, it's not all just fun and games, even now. We've come a long way, but we won't forget those who were sacrificed along the way.

The atmosphere is somber. There will be a standard military sendoff for the many soldiers who lost their lives in the final battles, but today, we honor three in particular...

The Party

Apparently, before his death, Hauwsr had already outlined a portion of the GDF budget and set it aside specifically to throw one hell of a party when Silentium was defeated. Today, it is spent.

There is booze. There is live music. There is delicious food, crafted by a mysterious gourmet. But most of all, there are guests. The invitation list included every member of the GDF, all their friends, and everyone who USED to be in the GDF. Even beyond them, a few people seem to have shown up uninvited.

But who cares? You all just saved the world. It's time to enjoy yourselves.

[[OOC Notice: Anyone can be here. Dropped or otherwise. As long as they're still ICly alive.]]

Final News Bulletin

Current Events
-Following the deaths of the High Council and the Imperati, the remnants of the Silentium government have contacted the UES to discuss a non-hostile resolution to the war.
-Due to the vast decreases in levels of conflict across the Earth Sphere over the last few months, questions raised about the role it would play in a peaceful world, and the rising costs of its maintenance, United Earth Sphere President James Vayne has ordered the Galaxy Defense Force dissolved. All members are being rewarded greatly for their service to the Earth Sphere, but the organization itself will be broken down into several smaller independent organizations, now that Silentium and the like no longer pose a threat to humanity. Let us all hope for a peaceful future, where the power of the GDF is not necessary.

Upcoming Missions:


OOC News:
-Congratulations! You have completed all missions in Super Robot Wars: Unlimited Generation. However, the game isn't over yet! Over the next five days, there will be various posts outlining the final business and epilogue material of the game. Look forward to it!