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The mission "ESCALATION" was completed successfully!

Mission Summary

The participants in this mission were:
Athrun Zala
Julius Alexander-Stein
Alex Stein-Alexander
Katina Tarask
Ennil El
Arado Balanga
Guy Shishioh
Char Aznable
Bullet Luckfield
Kusuha Mizuha

Independence 1 came under attack by two Silentium at the same time: Claustrum and Discordia. While Discordia drained the energy from the station, she disabled Claustrum's Pandora System, revealing his true identity as a complete madman. The GDF fought to get past Claustrum to stop Discordia, ultimately succeeding when Ennil, Julius, and Char joined the battle.

The combined GDF/Neo-Zeon forces fought a desperate battle against the Res Rei, made more powerful and unpredictable by Claustrum's madness, while inside a field created by Discordia that was constantly draining their energy. Growing impatient, Discordia reactivated the Pandora System, and Res Rei and Tyrannus Tempero combined to form Facultas Coactum, a machine with power over both matter and energy.

The GDF was barely able to damage the monster, Char's Sazabi being utterly destroyed in the first wave of attacks and counterattacks. However, the tables turned when Bullet and Kusuha deployed alongside Anguis, now sworn to protect humanity from Silentium. The battle began anew, with everyone working together to get past Coactum's many defenses. Ultimately it tried to draw energy from all across the Earth Sphere to wipe out everything around it, but was stopped by a final desperate team attack ending with Anguis firing a Tronium Buster Cannon directly into its core.

Facultas Coactum was destroyed completely, but Claustrum and Discordia escaped.

Mission Log
The complete mission log can be downloaded here.

Further Notes
-Char Aznable is MIA and presumed dead.
-The workload for the GDF mechanics just got even worse.
-Anguis has officially joined the GDF.
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