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Mission "TERMINUS" Complete

At great effort, the mission "TERMINUS" was completed successfully.

Mission Summary
The participants in this mission were:
Adeu Waltham
Aya Kobayashi
Bright Noa
Chanda Chandramouleeswaran
Chrono Harlaown
Dhananjay Gajaren
Duo Maxwell
Hauwsr, General
Lamia Loveless
Lunamaria Hawke
Masaki Andoh
Maximilian Jenius
Milia Fallyna Jenius
Patrick Colasour
Prinny Squad, The
Raidese F. Branstein
Ryuusei Date
Sanger Zonvolt
Shinn Asuka
Shiro Hawthorne
Teppei Takamiya
Tetsuya Onodera
Yurika Misumaru

The klaxons sounded, and Bright ordered all available pilots to deploy immediately. When they scrambled, they discovered a shocking sight: the entire Earth, greyscaled from a time stop, and a giant Janus, with a pained, apologetic but resigned expression, pulling the frozen Earth into some kind of dimensional rift. Our heroes were sucked into the rift as it was closing, and found themselves before both Janus and Saturnus, who explained themselves. They were ordered to destroy the Earth, however they had their own plan: by hiding the Earth in a pocket dimension, the Silentium High Council would believe the Earth destroyed, and the Earth could be safe, if isolated. The GDF, however, objected to this means, leaving them at an impass with Janus and Saturnus, who then fused consciousnesses, becoming nearly omniscient, and summoned their ultimate, geometric, crystaline machine: Totus Mundi.

Totus Mundi's space and time altering abilities made it almost impossible to defeat in combat; it was decimating the GDF forces sealed in the pocket dimension, but back in our own universe, the forces on ID-1, along with the space colonies, Battle 7, Nergal and the TSAB, took action: using the Nadesico's PT Cannon and the Asura's L'arc en Ciel's dimensional altering properties, they tore another gash through space time. They only had enough time to send one unit in: they chose Hauwsr, and the Grungust Inferno.

Ripping through space time was exactly the kind of surprised needed to blindside the Totus Mundi. With the opening Hauwsr made, everyone pressed the attack, enabling Hauwsr to pull into close quarters with the massive Totus Mundi's core, which contained the two Silentium psychics inside of it. At this time, Janus and Saturnus reversed causality with a terrible declaration: "Hauwsr will die." Hauwsr, however, twisted their reversal of causality by chosing to die on his own terms: self destructing the Grungust Inferno's black hole engine.

Everyone was thrust out of the pocket dimension and was then immediately ordered to 'clear the blast zone,' in case Janus and Saturnus returned as well, and when they did the Neo Argama, the Nadesico, Battle 7, the Asura, the Gargantua, and the Kurogane all opened fire on the Totus Mundi, which survived even this; it was damaged, but not defeated. GDF forces were deployed to reinforce, and the brutal battle continued, the Totus Mundi and the GDF fighting each other, tooth and nail. Many GDF units were damaged and downed, but ultimately the Totus Mundi was defeated, with Janus and Saturnus bisected at the waist. Saturnus and Janus were barely alive, floating in space. They said their final words, and Janus moved the Earth back to its proper place before dying.

Mission Log
The complete mission log can be downloaded here.

Further Notes
Essentially all units, ships on foot combatants on this mission were damaged or injured, many quite greviously, however the UES has been aiding the GDF in repair efforts, and all unis will be ready to deploy for the GDF's soon planned attack on the Silentium homeworld.
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