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Final News Bulletin

Current Events
-Following the deaths of the High Council and the Imperati, the remnants of the Silentium government have contacted the UES to discuss a non-hostile resolution to the war.
-Due to the vast decreases in levels of conflict across the Earth Sphere over the last few months, questions raised about the role it would play in a peaceful world, and the rising costs of its maintenance, United Earth Sphere President James Vayne has ordered the Galaxy Defense Force dissolved. All members are being rewarded greatly for their service to the Earth Sphere, but the organization itself will be broken down into several smaller independent organizations, now that Silentium and the like no longer pose a threat to humanity. Let us all hope for a peaceful future, where the power of the GDF is not necessary.

Upcoming Missions:


OOC News:
-Congratulations! You have completed all missions in Super Robot Wars: Unlimited Generation. However, the game isn't over yet! Over the next five days, there will be various posts outlining the final business and epilogue material of the game. Look forward to it!
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