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Mission "SILENTIUM" complete

After a cataclysmic battle of body and spirit, the GDF forces triumphed over the Silentium homeworld.

Mission Summary
The participants in this mission were:
Teppei Takamiya
Simon Jeeha
Coop Cooplowsky
Asuka Langley Sohryu
Gamlin Kizaki
Melissa Mao
Katina Tarask
Shinji Ikari
Guy Shishioh
Tasuku Shinguji

The GDF, accompanied by a fleet of Macross battleships, an Orb vessel, and a remant of Spiral Warrior Genome's fleet launched a full-scale invasion on the Silentium homeworld. Fighting through waves of thrall races, they came face to face with mechs duplicated from human worlds. In the battle, the Ganduro was split in half by a ferocious Inazuma Kick. Tasuku overloaded the reactor, destroying the remnants of the Ganduro and the attacking Gunbuster but managed, due to his supreme luck, to survive more or less unscathed.

Breaching the outer fleet, the GDF fought through the planet, the very buildings animating and attacking them, before they reached the Silentium High Council.

Incensed that mere humans had made it that far but also somewhat impressed, the High Council stripped the consciousness, seeking to make them one with the High Council's collective consciousness. However, empowered by the spirits of their departed loved ones, the GDF resisted, continuing the fight. The High Council formed their will into a giant mech, but the GDF, empowered by the guiding force behind humanity's strength and their own will, beat them back and destroyed the High Council, reducing them to light.

Mission Log
The complete mission log can be downloaded here.

Further Notes
-The Silentium homeworld surrendered peacefully to the GDF forces, there will be no further aggression.
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