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Mission "EARTH" Complete

After a mighty battle that none shall forget, the Earth Sphere survived.

Mission Summary
The participants in this mission were:
Garrod Ran
Teana Lanster
Cagalli Yula Atha
Subaru Nakajima
Ozma Lee
Kusuha Mizuha
Bullet Luckfield
Ratsel Feinschmecker
Shiro Hawthorne
Sanger Zonvolt
Kittan Bachika
Amuro Ray
Rika Nonaka

With the assault team fighting for their lives at the Silentium homeworld, the GDF and the UESSF joined together to face the Silentium armada. The enemy forces darkened the sun, most of them slave spacecraft, and at the forefront came the Four Imperati, Janus and Saturnus resurrected by Claustrum and Discordia. The enemy force was overwhelming in numbers...

But the Earth Sphere banded together. The TSAB sent Ginga, Erio and Caro to help. The A-LAWS fought back, deploying the Innovator Descartes Shaman in the Gadelaza. Lune Zoldark revived the Divine Crusaders as a sword to fight the aliens. Leonard Testarossa and Shu Shirakawa both appeared for their own reasons. Wodan fought alongside Sanger. A certain "GY" left a new Gespenst for Shiro. Gepelnitch and the Protodeviln returned with the power of song. Lord Zenon returned, reborn as Rozalin, alongside her companion Adell, to return the favor. The Spiral Nemesis Simon returned to fight alongside the Earth Sphere once more time. Rika returned to fight alongside the GDF, with her fellow Tamers Takato and Henry. In the end, five mysterious mechs appeared, led by a man named Wendolo, to lend their aid.

While the countless allies fought back against the massive enemy fleet, the GDF set about fighting the Imperati. All four combined their machines into a single terrible mech called Atrox Universus. It fired a beam that killed Bullet and damaged the reactor to the IND1, guaranteeing its eventual destruction. Bright ordered it abandoned.

With the dying blow to the IND1, though, came a ray of hope - Rob revealed his plan to use a TK barrier powered by the whole GDF to trap Atrox Universus inside the station's shield and turn it into a black hole. What followed was a desperate battle to push the enemy into place, culminating in a suicide attack from Kittan that defied predestination. The shield activated, and Rob died along with the station, consuming Atrox Universus in darkness.

It wasn't over yet, though, as the Imperati started to climb back out of the black hole. Everyone attacked together to push it back in. The shield needed to be closed to save the galaxy from destruction, but the will of the Imperati was keeping it open... every member of the GDF, in fact every person living in the Earth Sphere, sent their will and determination, pushing the shield closed and destroying the Imperati once and for all. Afterwards, Bullet was revived by the four Gods, and news came that the High Council had been defeated, and Silentium ceased hostilities.

Mission Log
The complete mission log can be downloaded here.

Further Notes
-The Independence 1 was destroyed.
-Kittan Bachika was killed in battle.
-Rob Ohmiya was killed in battle.
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