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The dawn of a new era

Since its creation three years ago, the Earth Defense Force, and later the Galaxy Defense Force, saved humanity from calamity, war and extinction many times. Many of these averted disasters were caused by humans, erupting into armed conflict motivated by greed, ambition, or clashes of of creed and ideology... but others were caused by aliens and other invaders from other worlds and universes - and many of these were in turn manipulated by Silentium in order to bring war to the multiverse, making threats to their reign easy to detect by observing the chaos.

On July 19th, NCE 104, Silentium made first contact with the human race, and judged them to be no threat. What they failed to take into account, though, was humanity’s great power to evolve, improve, build their own future, and - most important of all - their undying determination in the face of adversity. In the final moments of the Silentium War, the human race and their allies overcame impossible odds to establish their right to exist in the multiverse.

It is now the 106th year of the New Common Era.

The end of this conflict does not mark the end of all conflict. There are still humans who would wage war against those who do not see the world as they do. As was seen in Silentium’s thrall fleets, there are still countless other civilizations waiting in the darkness of space, some of whom will inevitably bring war to the Earth Sphere once more... but for now, humanity is at peace. We will enjoy our hard-earned new era for as long as it can last.

And when the next threat rises to endanger humanity, we will be ready.


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