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First Contact: Misson Complete

The mission "First Contact" was completed successfully. Good work, EDF!

Mission Summary
The participants in this mission were:
Fei Fong Wong
Quatre Rabera Winner
Simon Jeeha
Takato Matsuki

A number of insectoid mecha attacked Tokyo's Akihabara district. The EDF was deployed to destroy them before they could deal significant damage to cilivian structures. Sanger, not participating directly, divided them into three teams to hit the entire enemy force at once. The teams were: Simon and Kurtis, Takato and Eureka, and Quatre and Fei.

Simon and Kurtis's team encountered the largest number of bugs of all three teams. After their initial surprise attack, a squad of eight of them formed a circular formation around Lagann, attacking from behind whenever he attacked one of them. With a combination of Lagann's drilling ability and Kurtis's support, the formation was broken. The last three tried to attack Kurtis together, managing to get a hold of him briefly before he and Simon finished them off.

Fei and Quatre engaged the enemy on a street level. They were shortly caught in a pincer attack by four bugs, although they were dispatched fairly quickly. However, as they were engaging the last two, another two bugs attacked from above, nearly causing serious damage to Fei's Weltal. With some teamwork, the two destroyed all remaining attackers.

Eureka engaged four bugs in an aerial chase while Takato fought another three on the ground. They were handling their battles well enough, until WarGrowlmon sensed the presence of another digimon nearby. Knocking the remaining bugs aside, he went to engage the new enemy, and his old targets joined the aerial battle against the Nirvash. Now six against one, Nirvash suffered minor damage but managed to destroy all six enemies by taking the fight to above the city, where Eureka could bring Nirvash's maneuverability to its full potential.

Meanwhile, WarGrowlmon encountered a tiger-like digimon of great power. They fought, and soon the enemy seemed to be gaining the upper hand. Fortunately, Quatre and Simon both game to Takato's aid, distracting it long enough for WarGrowlmon to destroy it with an Atomic Blaster. As it disintegrated, it left Takato with an ominous message about the Digimon striving to rule both worlds.

Mission Log
The complete mission log can be downloaded here.

Repair Costs
No mechs were damaged sufficiently to merit repair charges.

Further notes
A number of updates are being made to the mission rules to reflect what was learned in running this mission. Check the post here.

Much fun was had by all, and we're looking forwards to the next mission!
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