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Pierce the Heavens with your Rocket Punch!

-This is a Multifandom Livejournal RP based on the Super Robot Wars videogame series.

-The setting is Earth and the surrounding space, in an alternate-universe future.

-Lots of different kinds of enemy forces are attacking the Earth Sphere, all from various different canons. It is up to the players, piloting robots which are also from various canons, to fight back.

-Characters will spend most of their downtime between missions at or near the Galaxy Defense Force HQ, where they can live their usual lives and interact with each other and have hilarious antics.

-About once every week or two, the mods will announce a mission, and players will have some amount of time to sign up for it. At the designated time and date, a chatroom will be formed on AIM, where the mission will play out in realtime.

-Every time a character is introduced from a previously-unrepresented canon, the villains from that canon will attack the Earth Sphere shortly afterwards.

-As enough missions are completed, the major villains of each canon may start to appear. Defeating the ultimate Big Bad of a canon means that that group of enemies will no longer be a threat, but the characters from that series are free to continue fighting other enemies.

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